Marney's Massage Therapy, Ltd.
'Healing and Relaxing one Person at a Time'



The following types of massages are offered:


Relaxation Massage: Relaxation Massage relieves muscle tension, while stimulating circulation and relaxing the mind, body and spirit. Traditional Sweedish Massage is used combining stroking and kneading methods, while varying the pressure to match your needs from gentle to strong.

Deep Tissue or Focused Point Massage: This type of therapy attempts to rehabilitate a muscle or group of muscles by breaking up scar tissue or at least relaxing hyperactive muscle tissue. Although not as rythmic as traditional massage sessions, this type of therapy can be the most healing and theraputic massage. Revived and energized, much like a strenuous, enviggerating workout is what the experience will feel like.

Therapeutic Massage: To stimulate the body's natural healing process, relax muscles and relieve stress. Multiple techniques are used in Therapeutic Massage.

Stretch Those Muscles: The purpose of stretching is to increase the resting length of a shortened muscle or to maintain an existing healthy resting length it also improves range of motion and enhance joint function.

 Sports Massage: Athlete's/Gardeners/Physical Hobbyists & Weekend Worriors can all benefit from Pre/Post Event, Training/Maintenance, and Injury Care. This type of massage helps to motivate healing by using specific techniques on troubled areas.

Massage for Autoimmune Disorders: Decreasing Pain and Fatigue Through Touch: This technique can be performed with or without clothing, in a seated or lying position. Whatever is most comfortable for the client during the assessment phase. This work teaches the clients a new vocabulary, appropriate goal setting, how to honor reality, how to trust the messages of the body and awareness. Short assessments and 30-45 min hands on treatment.

Elderly and Ill Massage: Gentle loving touch massage designed to bring comfort for those who have been ill for a lengthy time and the elderly who need a little extra love and touch. 

Lady-In-Waiting Pre-natal Post-natal Pregnancy Massage: Although the list of discomforts during pregnancy is considered common and not risky, they cause a great deal of pain, anguish and misery for the expectant mother. Using massage techniques to relieve these discomforts may provide temporary relief.